Review: Popcorners Kettle Chips

I bought these on a whim.  They looked good.  Oh boy was I right.

They’re basically chip-shaped rice cakes made from corn.

Did I lose you yet?

Popcorners are as light as rice cakes but made from corn flour.  They’re crispy and crunchy.  But melt in your mouth.

And the kettle flavor is fantastic.

Sweet and salty, in just the right combination.  They taste like really good kettle-flavored popcorn.  Well balanced.  Addictive.

There are 5 servings in every bag.  I ate half a bag by myself in one sitting.  Oops.

Yeah I totally ended up hiding the bag in a drawer.  Only, I still know it’s there.

The kettle flavor is gluten and gum free.  But if you’re looking at any other flavor, read the label thoroughly (not that you probably don’t already do this, of course), because I know that I checked out the ingredients for the “regular” flavor (butter or original or something similar) and they included guar gum.  That said, I’ll totally buy these again for a nice snack.

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