Review: Glutino Chocolate-Covered Vanilla Wafer Cookies

I just needed something sweet.  Nothing too much.  I didn’t want ice cream (the last few times I’ve eaten ice cream I think the guar gum in the base has hit me funny).  I didn’t want a candy bar.

If this were six months ago I’d have run over to the coffee cart here on campus, grabbed a chocolate croissant or even a bagel, and been done with it.  As it was, I had to go to three separate places in order to satisfy my craving for a little something.

I was kind of surprised I found anything at all.

Especially something by Glutino, whose products I’ve had to stay away from since finding out that Xanthan Gum does numbers on my digestive tract.  Their stuff is full of it.


But these cookies aren’t.  I was so surprised that I sat there in the student store, reading over the ingredients list four times.

By the way I probably paid twice what these would cost in a regular store, since I was on campus…  Oh well.  I do need to be better about bringing myself snacks.

Anyway.  These cookies.

They’re like the cream-filled vanilla wafer cookies that we used to have as kids.  Except covered in a weak milk chocolate coating.

The texture of the wafer is actually perfect – just as wafer-y as I remember the “real” ones being, and with a pleasant crunch – but the flavor is off.  I suspect it’s because these are made with potato flour (which is regarded by most GF folks to have a pretty disgusting flavor).  They leave a pretty nasty aftertaste, to be completely honest.

Let’s just say that I wouldn’t buy them again and leave it at that, shall we?

By the way… This is likely my last post until after Christmas.  I had lofty ideas about making my own GF Christmas cookies well in advance of the holiday and posting them here… But it’s incredibly unlikely that I’ll be ready to post them until next week, considering I work all day tomorrow at my day job and haven’t started baking yet (oops). Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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