Xanthan Gum Does It Again

I went out to eat on Saturday, had part of a prepared salad, and didn’t think a thing about it because I was sure the dressing was fresh.  Not an hour later I was laying in bed in fetal position, my head totally fuzzy from dehydration and hurting, my stomach cramping.  I was incapacitated for the rest of the day.

I didn’t have any other symptoms I know are associated with gluten, for me, like bloating, or stuffy nose.  Plus I knew exactly what I’d eaten up until that point for the last two days.  No gluten in sight.  This was definitely a gum-related thing.  It hit fast and hard.

I feel like gluten is hard on my entire body (gums just affect my stomach, and, by association, my head).  But gums hit me faster (within 2 hours, as opposed to the 12-24 that gluten tends to take).  Gluten…  Well, I can easily avoid that.  Tell servers not to serve me wheat.  It’s not too difficult for them.  Well, most of the time.  But gum?

I was at the local health food store yesterday and happened to ask if they had a pill to help digest gums (like they do for gluten – I bought it in case of emergency).  She looked at me like I was crazy.  “Xanthan gum,” I said.  “I’m crazy allergic.”

“But…” she replied.  “It’s in everything!”

Yeah, I know. :/


By the way I baked a ton this weekend.  I have a bread recipe coming your way as soon as I can take decent photos.  I made GF cupcakes that were just ok (so no recipe, sorry).  I’ll be making GF churros for my impending trip to Disneyland.  I will share, I promise.  I just have to get organized!

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