Gluten Free Weekend

I actually have a recipe to post, but forgot to upload the photos.  Oops.  I’ll get to it later this week, I promise!  For now?  A quick update.

First things first – since I started being hyper aware of processed foods last week I have felt amazing.  Yup.  That was my issue last week.  Gums suck.   They’re also easy to miss, as I found out yesterday when I was at a friend’s house and helped myself to a serving of pulled pork before realizing that it had BBQ sauce on it.  I still ate it (it would have been so rude to toss it) and luckily was okay.  Thankfully it must have been such a small amount (there was less than half of a bottle in a whole crock pot full of pulled pork) that it didn’t hit me.  Thank goodness.  I had a tense hour or two waiting to see if I’d be clutching my stomach in pain.

On that note, my friends/bandmates are totally adorable.  I’d brought my own bread to the party (so that I could eat a sandwich).  One of the boys said, “You MAKE your own bread?”  Now…  I used to bake my own bread before going gluten free, so I don’t think too much of it.  But I recognize that it’s a bit different.  Especially at a party.  Before I could answer him, though, another one said, “Dude, she’s gluten intolerant!”  🙂  The first one asked why I couldn’t just buy gluten free bread, and the second one answered, “She’s intolerant to gluten free products too!”  I love those guys!!!!

Speaking of bandmates…  We had a massive rehearsal yesterday and we’re almost ready for Friday’s performance!  What, you thought the “Sing” in my title was just for the heck of it? 😉  I’m super excited…  I even have a solo!  🙂

The rest of my weekend went by in a flash.  We had my college best friend and his wife over for dinner on Saturday.  Taco bars are a great way to get around food intolerances, since you can make everything separate (my friend’s wife is very intolerant of bell peppers, for example, so I cooked the bell peppers separate from the onions, separate from the hot peppers, separate from the tomatillos, separate from the chicken).  We had rice and beans and corn tortillas and cheese and guacamole and sour cream…  No one missed the gluten at all.  And I made Toll House Cookie bars with gluten free flour (no other changes, just a straight sub of my gluten-free blend for all-purpose flour…  they even puffed up impressively!).  My gluten-loving best friend kept creeping into the kitchen to cut and eat little bits of the cookie bars.  I count that as a win!!! 🙂

Sunday we had an impromptu dinner with my parents.  I mixed up some gluten free bread dough and brought it over and baked it at their house.  I’ve been saying for a few weeks that my mom (who suffers from a host of issues including skin, joint, and acid reflux problems) would probably benefit from going without gluten.  But I also knew that, from past experience, she won’t eat anything that she feels tastes funny.  I’m happy to report that she not only adored the bread and the cookie bars (I brought over a few for her to try), but she also said she wants the recipe (oops…  guess I have to write one down!) and would like to try going gluten free.  I’m SO excited!  Mind you, I don’t think going without gluten is the answer for everyone – but in her case I think it’ll do her a lot of good.

My mom also told me something super interesting.  Apparently my great grandmother was gluten intolerant!  Back in the 1950s, my grandma would buy special bread for her mother.  The kids called it “gluten bread.”  Only, “All regular bread has gluten,” my mom commented, “so that doesn’t make a lot of sense…  It was dark, and tasted like cardboard.  I’ll bet it was gluten-free.”  My grandfather confirmed this analysis.  My great grandmother was in her 40s and had lots of pains, all over, so her doctor put her on boiled dinners and special bread.  Hmmm…  I really wish I’d have known this years ago.  It might have changed my approach to all my own pains.

My mom also commented that the area under my eyes looks less purple than it has for a long time.  My other great-grandmother had thin skin there, so we think it’s genetic, but I’m hoping that the gluten was to blame for at least some of it.  I had been noticing it myself but it’s always good to get confirmation!!!

Here’s to a healthy week!

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