Trader Joe’s Love!

Even before I went gluten free, I was a huge fan of Trader Joe’s.  Their approach to bringing fresh food to people, easily, with the minimum amount of junk…  Well, it made sense to me.  And their stores were always clean, they had a great selection and friendly staff, and usually ended up being cheaper than the regular grocery store.  Don’t get me wrong – Trader Joe’s is not the place you want to go to get heirloom tomatoes or the perfect fillets of sea bass.  There are things you simply can’t find in their stores.  But what they have, they typically do well.

Since going gluten- and gum-free, I’ve had an even greater appreciation for the franchise.  They have an easily accessible published list of Gluten Free items available at their information desk at every store.  Their clerks are well-informed about gluten intolerance.  They label well.  Want a snack?  They’ve got a TON of chips – from plantain to corn to potato – with a list of ingredients you could count on one hand, and no gluten in sight.  Read the back of their sauces and you’ll only see ingredients you can pronounce.  No chemicals.  Very few of them have gluten.  They even have frozen GF waffles for those of you who can tolerate gums!  And of course my vitamins.

Oh yeah.  And they made my week.  I was perusing the aisles yesterday for inspiration for bringing my friend Liz dinner (she and her husband just had a baby boy last week).  Not only did I find almond meal for CHEAP (I think my GF flour selection is complete, now!), but I happened to pick up their “no preservatives” mayonnaise.  Like I said, I don’t even eat a lot of mayonnaise.  But for some reason it bummed me out that I couldn’t eat it anymore.  So I thought I’d check.

I fully expected to see a gum or two.  I read it twice.  Three times.  No Xanthan.  No guar.  No cellulose.  Eggs, vinegar, oil… Real ingredients.  No chemicals.  Into my cart it went.  I’m totally making tuna salad sandwiches tonight for dinner (on homemade GF bread, of course)!!!

This is not a paid or sponsored post, nor was I compensated in any way.  I just really love me some Trader Joe’s.  And they make my life happier by making food I can eat.

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