Good morning sunshine…

Do you remember when I said I needed to keep my GF stuff separate so my hubby didn’t eat it?  I woke up this morning and went to eat breakfast and found that he’d not only drunk the rest of the milk for cereal, but also eaten the last of my GF bread (except for a bit that had been apparently sitting out all week and had mold on it – ew!).  I know, I know…  He has to eat too.  But the difference is that he can go out to Subway or Starbucks and get himself a breakfast sandwich.  These places don’t sell any gluten free bread products.  And even if they did, they’d have gums in them.  Being gluten and gum free takes a ton of planning on my part, but it also takes cooperation on his.  I need to be able to have something to eat that doesn’t involve scrounging in the back of the fridge for fifteen minutes (luckily I came up with two buckwheat pancakes I’d made two weekends ago – they were not moldy, so I felt ok eating them, but I’d misread the recipe and used baking powder with buttermilk…  So they were SUPER flat!).  I am lucky to have a very supportive spouse, but he doesn’t always think about how difficult it is for me to find an alternative!

Luckily at least I have lunch taken care of.  Mmmmm…  Leftover salmon with lentils!

Tonight we’re supposed to bring dinner to our friends (and my clients – but they were friends first) who just had a baby.  I started to think about what I could make, and get worried that they wouldn’t like something gluten free.  Until I realized that it’s really a non-issue.  I can make a killer risotto (the recipe for which I started writing down years ago but I think I’m going to have to post it now).  I can sautee chicken breasts and steam vegetables.  There is no gluten required.  So they can eat and I can eat. 🙂

By the way this is the first day this week I’ve woken up without a stomachache.  I count that as a win.  I haven’t had any gum since yesterday morning’s coffee (which was an unintentional ingestion, as was the hummus the day before that and the mayonnaise two days before that).  Here’s hoping everything feels normal again going into the weekend! 🙂

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