Saying Goodbye to Processed Foods In General

I probably won’t be able to completely rid myself of them, but I realized this morning after drinking my cup of coffee (I woke up with a headache and a stomachache, so I figured the coffee might help the head, even if the stomach probably wouldn’t benefit, and that coffee was probably less hard on the stomach than an Advil) that I’ve been using a nondairy creamer for years.  I’ve tried to switch – my best friend and his wife kept telling me how bad it was for me – but it was such a pain to deal with measuring milk and sugar (I know…  lazy!  In my defense I don’t like to do much of anything when I wake up!).  And it never quite tasted right.

Just like my hummus, the nondairy creamer was poisoning me.

I checked the ingredients list just now.  Cellulose gum.  The gums are everywhere, I tell you.

So later this week I’m going to go through my entire fridge and cupboard and toss everything that contains gum or gluten.  Gone.  I should have done this two weeks ago.  I’m keeping some “real” flour around because I’m supposed to be baking a cake for my friend’s birthday next month.  But the rest of it?  Out of here.  It’s not worth it.

On my way to recovery.  I hope.


Oh.  And last night?  I totally baked.  But the result?  Not so good.  That’s what I get for trying to adapt a recipe without reading any others.  Back to the drawing board!

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