Poisoning Myself!

Argh… I did it again.  Completely inadvertently.  I ate hummus with carrot sticks this morning.  I have been eating this brand of hummus for years, except for the last month when it was sold out at Henry’s.  It’s my favorite – the only commercial hummus I like.  About an hour after I finished eating, I started feeling a very rumbling stomach, lots of discomfort, and a headache.  I got home and marched straight to the fridge.  Guar gum.

Despite my best intentions I’m poisoning myself because I’m not reading labels thoroughly.  The most innocuous items can be full of things I can’t eat.  Like mayo, and salad dressing, and hummus, and frozen french fries, and cereal.  I went to pick up Special K at the store – I’ve always thought it was rice cereal.  It is.  But the second ingredient is wheat gluten.

I know I’m making the right choice, getting my body healed.  But it’s so discouraging to find products I think are just fine, and totally healthy for me, that make me sick.  My husband commented when I showed him the hummus label that we’re just going to have to start making everything from scratch.  Which is fine until the day I forget my lunch and eat something unknowingly full of junk.

Feeling a bit down.  Here’s hoping a nice salmon and lentils dinner will bring my spirits up.  If not…  I’m still hoping to bake tonight too. 😉

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