Adding mayonnaise to the list of things I can’t eat.  Well, unless it’s fresh and Xanthan Gum-free.  I never really liked it as a kid, but as an adult I’ve learned to like a little garlic mayonnaise on my fries (and in fact I also had that with my sweet potato fries on Sunday…  triple whammy?) and a tiny bit on a BLT or in a good tuna salad.  It literally JUST occurred to me this morning when I was making a gluten free bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich on my gluten free bread.  That maybe I should check this oddly gelatinous very processed substance for the sidekick to my arch nemesis.  Sure enough, there is was, clear as day.  Darnit.

I’ve made mayonnaise once.  It involves a raw egg.  Which is a little squicky.  So…  For the time being I’m staying away entirely!

Tonight I have major plans to bake something with mint and chocolate.  We’ll see if they pan out! 😉

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