Try, Try Again (originally published August 8th, 2011)

I originally posted this on my personal blog and have copied it here, which is why the dates are all off!

Shortly after writing yesterday’s post I realized that all was not right in my little gluten-free world.  Something hit me, and hard.  It was so bad that I told my husband I felt like a rag that had been wrung out to dry.  I took not one, but two naps.  Which I never do.  Especially on days when I am supposed to be someplace (thank God I wasn’t supposed to be working or performing but I did miss a friend’s baby shower that I’ve been looking forward to!).

I didn’t get a particularly good night of sleep last night either.  I had finally started to feel less miserable, but I was sore from the day and barely got to sleep by one.  When my alarm clock woke me up around 5:15 I decided it was a necessary evil for me to take a sick day.  I wrote my boss an e-mail and went back to sleep for three hours (and will probably take a nap today too; I can already feel it).  So I’m here at home, trying to be productive (and sitting down every few minutes because it seems like no matter how much water I drink I still am dehydrated).

I’m not sure exactly what is going on with me.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the gums (xanthan and guar) that are used to build structure in GF breads (and are actually found in a lot of processed foods) might be the culprit.  I don’t usually eat a lot of processed foods, period, and the fact is that I’ve been eating a ton this week (since I wanted to make sure that they were gluten free).  I also could be sensitive to dairy, eggs, corn, or a million other things I’ve eaten this week while trying to cut out gluten.  Or my doctor could have been right waaaaay back when in suggesting that my pH is just off.  I’m still pretty convinced that I need to try this GF diet.  This is day 9 for me, and for 6 of the 9 days I’ve felt fantastic.  I’m still on the fence for today of course.  That’s a far better percentage than the rest of last month, when I felt fantastic only one or two days total.  Of course last month my most miserable moments weren’t as miserable as yesterday (or Thursday) either.

I just feel like this is important.  Like I need to try to make this gluten free stuff work for me.

I did manage to pick up the rest of what I needed last night to make some gluten free bread (once I finally started to feel human again it was around 7 so hubby and I rushed from store to store picking up dinner items for week), so I’ve got a batch mixed up and rising right now.  I’ve basically adapted my own bread recipe with some tips from Gluten Free Girl.  IF it turns out well, I’ll post the recipe and pictures.  If not, I’ll probably just post the pictures so you can laugh at me.

This experience is doing one thing for me – it’s making me conscious of what’s going into my body, and how my body is reacting.  I’ve been used to it with my hypoglycemia, noticing how eating protein vs. eating sugar made me feel.  Now I have to be super conscious of all the things I’m eating and whether they have gluten in them (did you know barley and malt have gluten too?  no more beer for me!) and how they’re making me feel.  Like bananas.  Apparently they give me heartburn.  Didn’t put two-and-two together on that one until last week when I was trying to pay attention to how my body was reacting to food.  Which is sad.  I love bananas.

I’m probably going to be super obnoxious for the next few weeks.  I’m dreading the baby shower I’m supposed to be at next weekend but I’ll probably just bring a GF cookie or something that I can nibble on while the rest of the group has my friend Katie’s amazing cupcakes.  Because I don’t want to be holding my stomach in agony the next day.  One thing’s for sure – this isn’t going to be the type of thing where I can just sit back and let stuff happen!  I hope I’m up to the challenge!

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