Sneaky, Sneaky (originally published August 29th, 2011)

Yes, this post was from today.  Yes, this was something I’d been thinking about doing for a little bit.  No, I didn’t really think I was going to do it today.  This is the last of the copied-from-my-personal-blog posts!  Let the original content begin!

I’m getting really on top of eating gluten.  I’ve been super good for the last two weeks (at the birthday party on Saturday they actually had GF cupcakes!  I was one happy girl!).  I haven’t accidentally ingested any wheat, and I’ve been feeling good.  Unfortunately I have to say, though, that this weekend I ingested Xanthan Gum.  Both Friday night (in the GF ice cream cones) and yesterday.  Friday, well, I should have known.

Yesterday, though?

Why is there Xanthan gum in frozen sweet potato fries?  Honestly, is that necessary?  I used to make my own but after a particularly disastrous turnout last4th of July weekend, I’ve just bought them.  Of course I was so sick from all the gluten I was eating that I didn’t realize that they were having side effects on me (plus we don’t eat them all that often).  Unfortunately I am feeling those side effects now.  I didn’t even think to check the package for Xanthan gum (I did make sure they were wheat free, and checked again this morning) until today.  Sigh.

Apparently it’s also in every salad dressing known to man.  I rarely buy salad dressing but I used some bottled stuff yesterday instead of making my own.

So I got a double whammy.

Trust me when I say that this is the way my body reacts to Xanthan Gum, and not to wheat.  You don’t want to know details beyond that.  I’m doing great with things I know enough about to control them, but it’s impossible to know the additives in every single product.  I can cut out everything that has gums in it from my own kitchen, but what happens when I go out to eat?  The stuff is pervasive, and incredibly common.  I swear I’m going to end up having to cook every single thing I eat from scratch in my own kitchen – which is going to be next to impossible considering my schedule lately – or suffer the consequences.

On a better note, I adapted the Gluten Free Homemaker’s hamburger bun recipe to be gum-free last night.  Yay for flax seeds!  It was really quite good and had a beautiful texture and flavor.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of this!!!

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