Dear Xanthan Gum: GO AWAY (originally published August 27th, 2011)

Again copied from my personal blog.  Just one more left before I start publishing new content!

Last night I was dumb.  Or rather, I made a dumb decision.  I ate an ice cream cone.  It was gluten free, all right, but it had Xanthan Gum in it.  I thought maybe it wasn’t a lot, and I’d be ok.  I figured I could try it.  The good news is that Xanthan Gum doesn’t make me puff up like a balloon.  I’m not all bloaty.  The bad news?  It definitely hits my stomach.  Even just that little bit in the ice cream cones.

The stuff is in everything.  I don’t eat a lot of store-bought salad dressings, but it’s in there.  And it’s s stabilizer for the strangest things.  And it’s often in chewing gum.  How much is too much?  I’m not sure I want to find out.  But I guess I have to test my limits.  Bleh.

I’ve actually had quite a few people tell me it’s probably something else.  That no one they know has this problem (multiple GF people have said it to me).  Based on everything I’ve eaten over the last month (and that includes ice cream, before, and I was fine, so it’s not lactose)…  The only time I have a bad reaction is when I eat gluten or Xanthan gum.  So I’m heaving the cones, and anything else commercially GF, out the window.

Now excuse me…  I’m going to go try to recover from this.

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